The 4th Positive Education Seminar Series (20-23 November, 2017)

The 4th Positive Education Seminar Series (20-23 November, 2017)

Since its first launch in 2014, the Positive Education Seminar Series has become the annual flagship professional development event and has encouraged local educators and practitioners to embark on their transformative journey of Positive Education. The 4th Positive Education Seminar Series, held on 20-23 November 2017, was hailed a success with the generous support of the Faculty of Social Science, Chinese University of Hong Kong (“CUHK”) in co-organizing the event.

The 4-day event was well-received by nearly 800 participants who come from different local schools, education institutions and NGOs. We were proud to invite our partner the Institute of Positive Education, Geelong Grammar School (“GGS”) to deliver two whole-day theme-based seminars. Taking a bold step this year, we organized a symposium and two local schools’ sharing sessions to showcase the latest development of Positive Education and tailor-made school practices.

20 November (AM) – Symposium on “Building Up Positive Educational Capital”

The symposium was a pioneering attempt to connect various universities to showcase their works and projects on Positive Education to local participants. We were grateful for the contributions of the 5 sharing institutes, who commit themselves to promoting Positive Education via diversified projects and strategies. (Please refer to the PDF files to know more their work)

  • Ms. Eliza Lai and Ms. Angie Shum, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention (“CSRP”), The Hong Kong University (HKU) (pdf)
  • Ms. Yau Siu Wan, Agnes, Spiritual Education: Learning to be Inspired and to Inspire (“InSpirEd”), Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research, CUHK (pdf)
  • Dr. Fong Wai Tsz, Ricci, The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) (pdf)
  • Dr. Sylvia Kwok, Department of Applied Social Sciences and the Positive Education Laboratory, City University of Hong Kong (City U) (pdf)
  • Prof. Chiu Chi Yue, Faculty of Social Science, CUHK (pdf)




20 November (PM) – “Getting Started with Positive Education: A Whole-school Approach to Wellbeing” by GGS


21 November – “Value-based Stress Management: Connecting to Our Values to Better Understand and Manage Stress” by GGS


22 November – Local School’s Sharing Session (primary level) at Baptist (Sha Tin Wai) Lui Ming Choi Primary School (“LMC”)


23 November – Local Schools’ Sharing Session (secondary level) at Chinese International School (“CIS”)