Discovering MORE Positive Education 2018 (July 16-18)

Discovering MORE Positive Education 2018 (July 16-18)

The inaugural Discovering MORE Positive Education Professional Training Course was held on 16th-18th July, 2018. It has been a privilege from us to once again partner with the Institute of Positive Education, Geelong Grammar School (“GGS”) to launch this brand new training course which is targeted at those who have completed the elementary training courses. This advanced course has attracted over 60 local and overseas participants coming from different schools, education institutions and NGOs.

During the span of three days, our participants alternated between different modes of learning, including seminars, plenary sessions and breakout sessions which were led by the team of professional trainers from GGS. Each session started off with an engaging plenary where new topics were introduced, followed by breakout sessions where participants discussed and shared their ideas with each other intimately in a small group setting. As they moved from one topic to another, the GGS trainers threw in some fun and stimulating “brain breaks” to freshen up everyone’s body and mind.

And so the three days flew by in the blink of an eye with many memorable moments of laughter and reflections, during which a total of ten new topics were introduced to our participants to build upon their understanding of Positive Education. These topics, such as curiosity, kindness, grit, humor, hope, meaningful work and so on, are closely interconnected with the key learning areas which have been visited during the foundational Discovering Positive Education Training Course. Particularly, the module on meaningful work was resoundingly thought-provoking, as it challenges our participants to actively rethink their roles as educators through

the process of job-crafting. Whereas it is common to overlook and take for granted the day-to-day work that we are given, the GGS team introduced the notion of “job-crafting” and invited participants to take a step back to rethink about the significance of the tasks that they might mindlessly engage in and their relationships with their colleagues. By doing so, participants are able to imbue greater meanings to the daily work that they labor in and build flourishing relationships with those that they work with, and thus find greater joy, accomplishment and purpose in their roles as educators of the future generations.

Through active learning, self-reflection and sharing amongst groups, our participants were provided with the opportunity to delve deeper into the science of Positive Psychology and to tap into their own personal encounters. The course has also endowed our participants with practical skills and first-hand experiences, with which they will bring back to their respective schools and institutions to foster a culture of well-being.

After this 3-day training course, we are delighted to hear that our participants found it very useful to rethink and reflect on the essential concepts of Positive Education as well as various approaches to incorporate the education model in their own schools here are some testimonials from them –

The data and findings of scientific researches made the learning more comprehensive and convincing. The design of the whole workshop obviously took careful planning so that the impact was achieved. Ideas presented were very relevant to our school work and the activities planned were all well thought through. Through the experiences I have gone through, I became more confident and well-versed in implementing this at school.

(A Principal from a local Secondary School)

A lot of knowledge in Positive Education were well-illustrated.
A role model for us to learn on how to work with fulfilment, maintaining hope and motivation and to have a meaningful work life.

(A Social Worker of an NGO)

The plenary and breakout helped me a lot, and the sharing from my classmates enriched the discussion. I will try to implement the elements of Positive Education into my work consciously.

(A Teacher from a local Primary School)

Following the success of the Discovering MORE Positive Education Professional Training Course, the GGS Team will be returning in November this year to speak at the Positive Education Conference Hong Kong 2018. There will also be speakers from all around the world as well as local practitioners and experts in this field at the Conference. Please stay tuned for more details on the coming programme!