The Foundation was proud to invite the Institute of Positive Education, Geelong Grammar School (“GGS”) to bring their training course “Discovering Positive Education” for the fifth consecutive year.  The course was successfully held on May 9 to 11, 2019 with 115 participants from various schools and education institutions and NGOs.

Within this three-day, accompanied with the professional team from GGS, participants learnt and understood different important concepts, the implementation pathway, as well as the practical research and demonstrations of Positive Education via plenary sessions, followed by breakout sessions where participants discussed and shared their ideas with others and the GGS trainers intimately in small groups.  Fun “brain breaks” were designed between topics to refresh participants’ body and mind.  In addition, the Wellbeing Symposium session was held for participants to reflect and share their precious moments with others.


We are excited to learn from the questionnaire findings that the course was very positively received by the participants.  Ninety-five percent of the 100 respondents thought that it was a good or excellent experience to them, and most of them intended to share what they learnt to their friends/ colleagues as well as apply the learnt skills in their school or workplace.  Moreover, 96% of the respondents would recommend this course to other teachers/ schools. 

Teachers had profound reflections on their learning, and below are some examples of their quotes:

Following the success of the Discovering Positive Education, the GGS Team will be returning in June this year for the advanced course Discovering MORE Positive Education.  Please stay tuned for more details on the coming programme!