Positive Education Hong Kong (“PosEdHK”)

A website which aims to promote the development of Positive Education in Hong Kong. PosEdHK acts as an information exchange platform for sharing useful resources, news and updates about the Positive Education activities and existing training opportunities.

In recent years, a number of studies have shown that Hong Kong students suffer heavy homework load and excessive hours of tutorials and extracurricular activities. Their number of anxiety and depression cases is constantly high, while their level of happiness, learning motivation and self-efficacy have been declining—this is a worrying situation. Indeed, a child needs a healthy life with physical, mental and spiritual well-being to unleash his or her potential. From the research of other countries, positive education curriculum and activities can effectively reduce the anxiety and depression symptoms of children, together with increasing their happiness and problem-solving skills. Thus, many schools in the US, UK, Australia and other countries have incorporated Positive Education into their school activities, curriculum and even culture. Recently, positive education has also been known and recognised by an increasing number of local educators, while certain schools have started to introduce different concepts of this approach to their school life.

Originated from positive psychology, positive education is to identify the individual needs of a healthy life with well-being through scientific research and studies. It stresses the importance of appropriate education to unleash personal strengths, develop positive emotions, enhance resilience and build positive relationships for embedding in and living a meaning life. We believe Positive Education offers a sustainable way to make our next generation and even Hong Kong society flourish, so we would strive for its development in the future.