Pilot Project on Positive Education

With the support of the Department of Applied Social Sciences, City University of Hong Kong and the Faculty of Social Science, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, a local aided primary school, Baptist (Sha Tin Wai ) Lui Ming Choi Primary School , has embarked her journey of Positive Education since the academic year 2014/15, with the aim of exploring the whole-school implementation of Positive Education in a local school context.

Adopting the “Learn-Live-Teach-Embed” implementation model in pursuit of “PERMA + H(ealth)”, the school has been striving to excel via creating a positive school ethos, maintaining positive relationships within the school, receiving professional development and developing school-based curriculum. Approaching completion in the next few years, the school has started to document and reflect on their Positive Education journey so far (For more details, please visit the official website of the school). At the same time, the school has undertaken a research to inform the progress and identify factors affecting the holistic implementation. Results will be of paramount importance to the long-term development of Positive Education in Hong Kong.